Syncthing Usage Data

Active Users per Day and Version

This is the total number of unique users with reporting enabled, per day. Area color represents the major version.

Users Joining and Leaving per Day

This is the total number of unique users joining and leaving per day. A user is counted as "joined" on first the day their unique ID is seen, and as "left" on the last day the unique ID was seen before a two weeks or longer absence. "Bounced" refers to users who joined and left on the same day.

Reappearance of users cause the "left" data to shrink retroactively.

Data Transfers per Day

This is total data transferred per day. Also shows how much data was saved (not transferred) by each of the methods syncthing uses.

Totals to date

No data

Usage Metrics

This is the aggregated usage report data for the last 24 hours. Data based on 40881 devices that have reported in.

Heatmap max intensity is capped at 20 reports within a location.

United States 21% 8675
Germany 13% 5266
France 6.5% 2646
China 5.8% 2361
United Kingdom 5.5% 2254
Canada 4.1% 1673
Netherlands 3.4% 1403
Russia 3.3% 1340
Australia 2.6% 1045
Spain 2.4% 998
Italy 2.1% 845
Sweden 1.7% 692
Poland 1.7% 676
Thailand 1.6% 659
Switzerland 1.6% 642
Brazil 1.6% 636
Czechia 1.5% 615
Austria 1.3% 545
Ukraine 1.3% 540